Restaurant Rouhi – House of Rituals

House of Rituals is the new flagship store of Rituals Cosmetics. It is located at Spui 10 (where the Sprit store used to be). They have their own restaurant called Rouhi. The menu is inspired by Asia. An east meets west experience. 

The restaurant was supposed to open this week but due to the new Covid19 regulations, they were not able to. In the meantime, they have created two take-away menus. One has meat and the other one is vegetarian. They also offer a wine box pairing to go along with the menu. We went for the vegetarian menu and also got one sparkling tea bottle which the bartender recommended. We went for the one called Grøn that has 5% alcohol but they also have one with 0% (Blå). 

The vegetarian menu consists of wonton crisps with wakame mayonnaise, a daikon salad with ponzu, miso eggplant yakitori, crispy cauliflower with sesame and truffle, a pear tart with miso and cream fraiche, tea and friandises. 

The menu comes with a candle and a QR code to play music to set up the mood. 

The whole meal was filled with delicate flavours and a nice combination of textures. We enjoyed all the dishes. If you get a chance, also try the sparkling tea. 

Restaurant Rouhi

Spui 10, Amsterdam

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My Amsterdam Restaurant, Café & Coffee Guide (where to eat in Amsterdam)

I’ve been meaning to write this food guide for a while now. The most popular DM that I get asked on my Instagram is which places do I recommend to go eat. So here are my favorites places in Amsterdam. From where to get coffee, brunch or food on the go, to my favorite restaurants and places to satisfy your sweet tooth. I’ll keep updating this list as I try new places.

For Coffee:

Trakeren Koffie

Great coffee and they also do very cute latte art. If you want latte art different from a heart (they do bunnies, lions, etc), it is better to ask for it when you order though. The guys working there are very friendly so don’t be shy to ask for it.

Lot Sixty One

They sell very good coffee. I find the coffee here stronger in taste than in other coffee shops.


I love their coffee and they also sell Kombucha. They also have cakes and brunch dishes. It’s close to Central Station

Scandinavian Embassy

Great spot if you are in De Pijp area. Don’t forget to try their cinnamon buns. They also serve some brunch dishes.


They serve coffee, wine and food. It’s in the East side of Amsterdam. Their cinnamon buns are amazing. Their sandwiches are also worth a try! They change their menu often so check their Instagram page. 


Great coffee and the café is quite large for Amsterdam standards. It’s a short walk from Leidesplein.

For Brunch:


This is my favourite brunch place. They have two locations. One close to Vondelpark and the other in the east of Amsterdam (Hoftuin). The one in Hoftuin has a big garden, so nice to go if you want to be in the sun.


They sell all day brunch with plenty of sweet options. This place is also Instagram heaven. They have two locations (not far from one another) in the Nine Streets area.

Slowth Brunch

They serve Taiwanese dishes. Their iced black sugar pearl milk is amazing and they do serve Oatly.


For Bubble Tea:

Tea Guys

They sell different kinds of bubble tea with dairy free options. They also have cream cheese tea. It is located at the Albert Cuypstraat. I also like their cheesecake.


Another great bubble tea store. I love their Taro one.



Yerba (Plant-based)

This restaurant specialises in plant-based food. Their menu is vegan with a few options to add animal protein. Their a la carte tasting menu starts at €35 for 3 courses to up to 50€ for 6 courses (DEC 2019). We had 4 courses each and we were nicely full. Their dishes had very interesting combinations of ingredients and kept surprising our tastebuds. I also love their leek ash vegan cheese which is also sold at the Little Plant Pantry. We bought one to take home since we were already full. This restaurant is worth trying even if you are not vegetarian or vegan. The place is small so I advice you to make a reservation.


They serve lunch and dinner. Their three course lunch menu starts at €37,50 and their five course dinner menu starts at €69. It is very well priced for what you get. The dishes are very creative. They also have a vegetarian menu.

Taiko (Conservatorium Hotel)

I love this Asian inspired restaurant. Their food is alway incredible and so is the service. Their Miso Cod is a classic! We were there last for their Culinary Staycation. You can see it here. Due to the lockdown, they are offering takeaway. 


Undercover is an Omakase restaurant. They were planned to open late last year but then the second lockdown was announced. So now they serve different types of sushi that you can choose from. The quality of the food is amazing and it is worth a try. Check my Tiktok for an impression of their food by clicking here.


Ken Sushi

This sushi place serves Omakase style dinner where the chef chooses which bites to serve. You choose how many bites you want. The Omakase 1 (20 bites) costs €45, Omakase 2 (25 bites) costs €55 and the Omakase 3 (30 bites) costs €75. Since it is the Chef’s choice, he will explain each bite, where the seafood comes from and how to eat it. It is a great experience. We had the Omakase 1 and we loved the food. Just one thing to keep in mind; since the chef will be explaining the bites throughout the whole meal, it might not be the ideal place if you are thinking of having an intimate dinner or a nice conversation with your date. Reservation is a must.

Spaghetteria Pastabar

They have 5 locations in Amsterdam. All their pastas are homemade. Nothing fancy, just well prepared and home-style pasta dishes. Perfect to get your carb fix. Open only for dinner.

nNea Pizza

They offer amazing Neapolitan pizza. I recommend making a reservation since it is always busy. They also do take out but it is better to eat it at the restaurant. The steam that forms in the box gets the pizza a bit soggy which I think this is a shame since the dough is excellent. Due to Covid19, they are only selling folded pizza (pizza a portafoglio) for take out at their restaurant. During the quarantine, they developed a frozen pizza which is amazing. They are only sold via resellers (so not at their own restaurant) and they are also sold outside of Amsterdam. For the locations you can check out Nnea Frozen.

Paon Bali

Paon Bali serves traditional Balinese cuisine. They open from Wednesday to Saturday. They post their menu on their website and Instagram. It is only for takeout. You place your order via What’s Up on the day itself before 5pm. It’s a set menu for €12,50. The flavours are great and it is very reasonably price for what you get. Check my Tiktok for an impression of their food by clicking here.


They serve Asian dishes. Their concept is small dishes to share. I love their baos and Kentucky fried Champignons, a veggie version of KFC. Check my Tiktok for an impression of their food by clicking here.

Restaurant Wils

This restaurant is by chef Joris Bijdendijk (Rijks). They specialise on cooking with fire. They make their own kombucha which is also worth a try. It is located next to the Olympic stadium. You can get an impression of the restaurant here

Restaurant Khan

This Korean restaurant close to the Amstelpark is not in a very popular location but it’s worth a visit if you are craving Korean food. Only open for dinner and reservations are a must. Last time we were there, the waiter had to tell people coming in that they were fully booked. Even to a group that was waiting outside before the restaurant even opened. This is their phone number: 020 646 3722. They don’t have a webpage.

The Vegan Junk Food Bar 

If you are craving junk food, this is a great place to go even if you are not vegan. They sell vegan bitterballen (a bite size version of the Dutch croquettes, so if you are vegan and want to try them, this is the place). I love their Flashy (loaded) sweet potato fries. It is open for lunch and dinner. They have 4 locations all over Amsterdam.

The Beef Chief 

So far this is my favorite burger place in Amsterdam. I love their Kimchi burger and loaded fries. It’s in Amsterdam Noord.

Ramen Kingdom

I love this ramen place. The noodles and the broth are delicious. The ambiance of the restaurant feels like you are in Japan. We went around opening time on a Saturday and we didn’t have to wait. But by the time we left there was already a waiting line, so I’d recommend to arrive early if you don’t feel like waiting. It’s right by Central station, next to the metro stop. They also have a vegetarian option.

Men Impossible

This is a vegan ramen restaurant in the Jordaan. They serve a saucy ramen, so not soup. But the sauce is very creamy and full of flavour. The chef makes the noodles himself every morning. They also encourage you to bring your own Tupperware for takeout. Check my Tiktok for an impression of their food by clicking here.


This is an organic salad cafe. This is where I go when I crave a healthy mea and their bowls are very filling. They have many locations around the city.

The Lebanese Sajeria

They sell Manoushe, a flat bread stuffed with many toppings like za’atar & halloumi or beef and labneh. Their homemade hibiscus lemonade is also delicious. They have 2 locations in Amsterdam. One in the Negen Straatjes & another one on the Utrechtsestraat (this one has more sitting space).


For Fried Chicken:

Fried Chicken is having its moment here. And I have a soft spot for it. Here are the pop-ups that I love:

LadyBird Fried Chicken

The pop up shop is located inside a coffeeshop. You can order through a link on their Instagram bio here. They have fried chicken with different kinds of sauces to choose from. Honey butter biscuits and Mac & cheese. Click here to see my TikTok about it. 

Biscuit Baby 

This is the new Fried chicken venture from Flora Taqueria. They are open from Friday till Sunday for brunch pick up on the Kinkerstraat. You can order through What’s Up. Menu info is on their Instagram . Don’t miss on their biscuits if you order. You can see my Tiktok by clicking here.

Kip ‘n Drip

They announce their menu on their Instagram on Thursdays & pick up is on Sundays. You have to be quick because they usually sell out. We had their Chicken and waffles, you can see it here.


For typical Dutch Croquettes:

Eetsalon Van Dobben

This is where I take any family or friend that comes from abroad. They sell typical Dutch croquettes and sandwiches. It’s is close to Rembrandtplein in the city center. But it is a bit hidden, located on a small side street. The people working there all wear white coats and it has a very old, almost dinner feel to it.

Par Hasard

They have two locations in Amsterdam. One in De Pijp and another one in Oud West. They made the traditional Dutch Snackbar (where you get fries, croquettes and other fried foods more often to go) trendier. Their fries are really good.


It is a well-known bakery (I love their cheesecake) but they are also very popular for their croquettes. There is no place to sit here since it is just takeaway.

For a savory bite to eat on the go Or on a budget:

Levain et le vin

This is a new sourdough bakery & natural wine shop at the Jan Pieter Heijestraat (the street that crosses Kinkerstraat & Overtoom). I bought the olive & crème fraîche focaccia and a small loaf to take home. I couldn’t wait and ate the focaccia on the street. It was deliciously crunchy, chewy & juicy (in a good way) from the olive oil. Their menu is expanding so keep and eye on their Instagram page for more info. The shop also has a few tables, so you can also eat/drink there. If you like burrata, they also serve it with their focaccia. They serve coffee as well.

Flo’s Appetizing

This bagel shop just opened (Nov 2019) also on the Jan Pieter Heijestraat. It is very close to Levain et le vin. Their bagels are amazing. Nice and chewy. I’ve been there twice for their carrot lox but I will definitely be back to try the rest. They have different schmears which includes vegan options. They do have seats at the bar and benches outside so can also eat it there. They also serve coffee & chocolate bakba. If you go on the weekend, I advice you to go early.


Brasserie Maris Piper opened this sandwich shop at their own restaurant during the lockdown. Their menu changes so check their Instagram page for updates. You can get an impression on my Tiktok by clicking here

Osaka Ball 

This is a Japanese street food stand. They are on different markets on different days. Their menu offering also changes per day so check their Instagram for more information. On Fridays they are at the Albert Cuypmarkt and they just started selling Takoyaki on that day. Check out my Tiktok by clicking here

Dumplings (Food Stand)

This is a food stand at Nassauplein 60. It’s on the corner of Westerpark towards Haarlemmerplein. They serve dumplings and Chinese crepes. I loved them both. The Chinese crepe is quite big so it is nice to share if you are also having other dishes. They have a few tables around the stand so you can sit there too. Full list of their menu is on their website.


This is a popular falafel bar chain. I usually go for their falafel in pita bread and you can stuff it with all the vegetable toppings that you want. They have four locations in Amsterdam. 


They sell delicious Iberico ham sandwiches. The bread that they use for their sandwiches is amazing too. You can sit inside or just take them to go.

Baires Empanadas

This is a cafe that specialises in empanadas from Argentina. They have a large selection with different fillings. And now they also sell alfajores de maizena (cornstarch cookies filled dulce de leche).

Hoi Tin Bakery

This is a good alternative If you are in the center and want something to eat on the go and very cheap. It’s a Chinese restaurant but they have a small bakery in the front. They sell different kinds of pastries like bbq pork buns. Mostly everything is under 2€ and you can ask them to warm it up for you.  It is located on Zeedijk which is Amsterdam’s Chinatown. I’ve only tried their bakery, not the restaurant itself.


This is a Japanese & Korean food market located at Gelderlandplein. They have a large stock of ingredients and they also sell ready to eat food. Their Onigiri is delicious. Wrapped in a way so that the seaweed stays crunchy, like in Japan. I love the Buta Kimchi one, it has stir-fried kimchi and pork. They are €2.50 each. You can get an impression of the store here.

Caldi e Freddi

They are located at Spuistraat and they have very cheap Italian sandwiches.  

Vleminckx (Fries in a cone)

Fries in a cone are very popular here and this place is great at it. It is very well known so there is often a line, but it goes quickly so you don’t have to wait for long. One thing to remember if you are new in the Netherlands, sauces are sold apart so they cost extra (even at places like McDonald’s and Burger King). It’s located on a side street of Kalverstraat (Amsterdam’s most popular shopping street).

Vlaardingse Haringhandel (Dutch Herring stand)

Herring with chopped white onions and pickles is very popular in the Netherlands. It is not raw, it is preserved in a brine. I prefer it in a bun with extra pickles. This stand is located at the Albert Cuyp Market. You can also just buy a whole pickle here. Another one of my favourite snacks. Just ask the vendor to slice it for you because it can get messy with the juice spilling everywhere if you eat it right away.


For your sweet tooth:

Van Stapele

It’s a cute little shop that only sells one type of cookie. Dark chocolate stuffed with a soft white chocolate filling. If you are lucky, you get them still warm from the oven. They are very popular and there is often a line outside but it goes fast. They also sell them in tins, so it also makes a nice gift. Check my Tiktok for an impression of their food by clicking here.

Patisserie Linnick

I love this patisserie. It has delicious and beautiful one person cakes (they also sell bigger ones), macarons and chocolates. Check my Tiktok for an impression of their food by clicking here.


Strawberry covered in chocolate heaven. They also sell the cutest Amsterdam chocolate bars and cake pops.

Arket Cafe

This is the cafe of the Arket store on Koningsplein. Their sticky bun is drool worthy!

Het Koekemannetje

This is a cookie shop located on the Nine streets. Love it when you get one where the chocolate is still warm and soft. See the store by clicking here.

Moosehead Bakery 

They sell chunky cookies for pick up or delivery. I highly advise you to reheat them in the oven for 5 minutes. I made a short video about them. You can see it here.

The Afternoon Tea at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

If you want to celebrate something special or just indulge in a beautiful high tea, the Waldorf Astoria offers you just that. It is my favourite one in Amsterdam.

Winkel 43

Try their popular apple pie.

Piza Ijs

Ice cream place. One of the few places that sell mint chocolate chip. At least that I know of.


Poffertjes are tiny yeasted pancakes. They are usually made with buckwheat flour. And they are served with a small piece of butter and covered in powdered sugar. You can usually find at least one stand at any market. If I crave them, I go to the Albert Cuyp Market.


These are delicious super thin waffle cookies with a caramel syrup filling. They are best when they are freshly made and still hot. You can also buy them at supermarkets and place them on top of your cup of tea or coffee, and they will warm up and soften.

I love the ones at the Albert Cuyp market. They are many stands there but the little blue & red cart with the Original Stroopwafels sign is the most popular one. You can buy them at the market starting at 1.5 or 2 euros. The markets are only open from Monday to Saturday.

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels (located at the Kalverstraat) are also very nice, they serve them with a large variety of toppings but of course they are more expensive than at the market.


Popsicle bar in Amsterdam West. Check my Tiktok for an impression of their food by clicking here.

Ludo & Hedo

They sell unconventional gelato flavors

For Dutch Jenever:

Jenever is a Dutch liquor made with juniper berries. It is traditionally served in a small tulip shape glass (the size of a shot). The bartender usually fills it up to the rim and you are supposed to drink it in small sips. The should drink the first sip without lifting the glass (just bend over and have the first sip). And you usually drink it with a glass of beer. Alternating a sip of jenever with a sip of beer.

For the most traditional experience I recommend these two bars:

Proeflokaal de Ooievaar

Wynand Fockink

Another tip if you are visiting Amsterdam. There are often food markets or festivals going on around the city throughout the year. If you have Facebook, check out the events listed in Amsterdam. You can narrow your search to Food (or party, arts, ext).

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Wijmpje Beukers

Last week, we went to have dinner at Wijmpje Beukers. A foodie friend of mine had been talking so much about this place, that I decided to give it a try. Nestled in the middle of De Pijp, this cozy restaurant changes its menu weekly (They always offer two vegetarian/vegan options). Their menu has Asian/European influences, and they make everything themselves using local and seasonal produce.

I got a chance to meet the owners Maarten and Jordy, since they work at the restaurant. They are such nice guys, and you can really tell that hospitality runs in their veins. They immediately make you feel welcome. Since it was such a nice day, we sat in the terrace.

We started the evening with a crab, pickled watermelon and crayfish dish with sesame and wasabi. And the smoked duck breast with hoisin and figs. Both were really good. For the main course, we had the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with hasselback potato, stroganoff and mashed potatoes. This was a dish from Jordy’s childhood. The pork was juicy and the whole dish just screamed comfort food. We also had the hake with sweet potato puree, carrots, harissa and puffed quinoa. The fish was perfectly cooked and the whole combination of flavors was delightful.

We were there very early and by the time we left, the place was already quite busy and it was a Wednesday. Definitely a place to add to your list if you haven’t already been there. The food is great and so it’s the ambiance. And the menu is very well priced.

Wijmpje Beukers

Karel du Jardinstraat 47
1073TB Amsterdam

Red King Crab, Ingredient of the Year at Taiko

Taiko, the restaurant of the Conservatorium hotel, annually celebrates its birthday by announcing its ingredient of the year. On previous years, Wagyu and wasabi were the stars.

And this year Chef Schilo van Coevorden chose the Red King Crab as the main focus. This particular kind of crab can weight up to 10 kilos. He has been fascinated with crab since the time he worked in Osaka and discovered a restaurant that only served this crustacean. The crab that he serves is sourced from a village in Norway and it is flown in to Amsterdam. Handled with extreme care, you can really taste the freshness of this ingredient. So much that you can eat it raw in sashimi. The meat is sweet and juicy, a real treat for the palate.

I had the pleasure to be there at the launch of the new menu and it was incredible. If you follow my Instagram stories you probably already saw some of the dishes. The first two courses came with an extra sensory experience. We were given a glass to smell as we took a bite of the dish. The first one smelled of lychee, and was paired with the king crab, roses, elder-flower and berries dish. Some of my favorite dishes were the cappuccino with young coconut and peanuts. One of Schilo’s specialties. The king crab tartare with green curry ice cream. The Thai flavors here were amazing. The crab gyoza with tamarind and kimchi. The smoked crab nigiri which came with a very generous piece of crab. The veal cheeks with BBQ crab legs. The veal just melted in your mouth. And of course, I couldn’t leave out the matcha dessert. The home of the crab, was a work of art.


You can enjoy a special 12 course kind crab menu until September 2018.

Taiko, at the Conservatorium hotel

Van Baerlestraat 27, Amsterdam

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Logroño & Bilbao (Northern Spain) Photo Diary

Last week I was in Spain for 3 days. I had a direct flight from Amsterdam to Bilbao airport and after a 1.5 hour drive, I was in Logroño (the capital of the Rioja province). A very small but charming town. We explored the city during the siesta (afternoon), which was great because the streets were not crowded.

That night, we went on a Tapas tour. We were told that each bar specializes in one kind of tapa and that is what they are known for. We went to a lot and I don’t remember the names of them all, except for these ones: El soldado de tudelilla for their tomato salad and Bar Soriano for their garlicky mushrooms. We also had some piparras, fried peppers similar to shishito peppers. They are just fried in olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt. Some are spicy and some are not. So fun to eat with a group. If you like crispy pork, look for a bar that sells cecina.

The next day we visited the Campo Viejo vineyard and had some paella for lunch there.


That afternoon, we headed back to Bilbao and visited the Guggenheim museum. After the tour we had dinner at Nerua, the 1 Michelin star restaurant located at the museum. The food was amazing. Simple and delicate dishes, but very well executed.

The next morning, we had a little tour of the Mercado de la Ribera (market). You can have some tapas there. I bought some piparras (chilies) to bring back home. After that, we had a private tapas workshop at Los Fueros (Bilbao’s oldest restaurant).


The picture below is from the chilies I took back home. I’m so hooked that I am going to try to find them here, or at least something similar.

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Restaurant Arles

Processed with Snapseed.

Last Saturday we tried out Arles for dinner. A new néo-bistrot very close to the Albert Cuyp market. The kitchen is run by French chef Numa Muller who was born in Arles, hence the name of the restaurant. I have a love from French cuisine, so I was very excited to pay them a visit. It is a charming restaurant, which is bigger than it appears when you see it from the street. It has a closed patio in the back and an open part covered in grape vines.

Processed with Snapseed.

Their menu consists of what the market has to offer. We went for the 3 course menu. We started with a dish with leeks, beets, Dijon and a 62 degree eggs. A super simple but delicious dish. We couldn’t help dipping some bread into the runny yolk.

Processed with Snapseed.

The second starter was the mackerel with cauliflower, lemon and olive oil. Very light and fresh.

Processed with Snapseed.

Our mains were the cod with salsify, coffee and almond. It was a lovely combination of flavors.

Processed with Snapseed.

And the chuck steak in red wine served with roasted and pickled carrots. No need for a knife to cut the beef. It was very tender and you could just tear it off with your fork.

Processed with Snapseed.

For dessert, we went for the chocolate with mint, hazelnut and olives. You would think the olives would have been a bit weird but it worked. And we also chose the lemon cream with strawberries and basil. A delicious palate cleanser and great ending of our meal.

You can’t really beat their 3 course menu for 34 euros. It is quite a bargain, especially if you think of Amsterdam prices. A little French gem in De Pijp.

Restaurant Arles

Govert Flinckstraat 251, Amsterdam

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The White Room (NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky)

FullSizeRender (4)

Located at the newly relaunched Hotel Krasnapolsky, The White Room is led by 3 Michelin star chef Jacob Jan Boerma. The menu is based on his personal preference towards the use of spices and acidic tones. The team that carries out his vision is composed by chef de cuisine Arture Dalhuize, maître Richard Eerhardt and sommelier Isabel van Bueren. The room where this restaurant is located is registered as a monument and it is considered one of the oldest restaurants in Amsterdam. The name comes from the “Witte Zaal”, the original name of the restaurant when it first opened its doors in 1885.

FullSizeRender (6)

We started the evening with a lightly smoked macaron, structures of cucumber, salmon and a cream with herbs, and a tomato bonbon with spicy merengue. A little explosion of flavors in the mouth.


Then we had the yogurt with beet and basil. The very airy and tangy yogurt complemented very well the sweetness of the beet.

FullSizeRender (1)

It was followed by the mackerel with herbs, yogurt and sea buckthorn. A light and elegant dish. I could have gone for seconds.

FullSizeRender (2)

The fish course was the trout with chlorophyll, crispy potato, green mustard and young garlic. A succulent piece of trout with julienned green apple and petit brunoised potato, which added a nice combination of textures to the dish.

FullSizeRender (3)

The meat course consisted of beef with ponzu and black garlic. The beef was very tender and flavorsome.

FullSizeRender (5)

Finally a dessert made out of lemon with aloe vera and buttermilk. A refreshing dessert with just enough amount of sweetness.


Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. Each dish was well-executed and beautifully presented. The service was outstanding.

The White Room (NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky)

Dam 9, Amsterdam

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Restaurant Anna


This hidden gem located in the Red Light district is run by chef Andrès Delpeut. He just renewed the menu and I was very excited to try it out. We were hungry after a very busy day so we went for the 8 course menu. We skipped the wines since we were also very tired.

Our amuse bouche was a mousse of white asparagus, a potato chip and mackerel rillette.

FullSizeRender (1)

Our first course was a tuna tartare stuffed in a cylinder of sesame seeds, wasabi cream cheese and soy dressing (first picture). This was one of my favorites of the evening. I love tuna tartare and this one was delightful. The crunchy and slightly sweet tuile of sesame seeds complemented the tuna very well.

Then we had the soft shell crab with sweet & sour radish and papaya.


It was followed by the red mullet with trofie pasta in basil pesto, foam of bisque, saffron mayo and a sauce of razor clams. Seafood goodness!

FullSizeRender (7)

Afterwards, we had the truffle risotto with mushroom foam and a poached egg. Creamy and delicious!

FullSizeRender (8)

Next came the lamb chop with lamb wonton, asparagus and lamb broth. The lamb was very tender and juicy with crispy skin and the lamb wonton was very rich.


It was followed by the duck liver. It was served with rhubarb compote, radish and an apple chip. This was another favorite of mine. The sweetness of the apple chip and slightly tang of the rhubarb compote was paired perfectly with the tender duck liver.

FullSizeRender (2)

Then we had the pre-dessert. Strawberries Romanoff with vodka mousse and a raspberry crackle. It was so good. The crackle reminded me of a candy from my childhood.


The first dessert was a Vlaflip, a take on a very Dutch dessert. It had yogurt, pastry cream, red fruit, caramelized apple and vanilla ice cream.


Our last course was the apple tarte tatin with caramel sauce, almond tuile and Tahiti vanilla ice cream. It was a great way to end the evening.


Each dish was very well crafted and needless to say, we left every plate pretty clean. We went on a Thursday night and by the time we left, the restaurant was very busy so I advise you to make a reservation. I also saw a very large table, so they do take groups.

Restaurant Anna is open for dinner from Monday through Saturday from 6pm till 12am (the kitchen is open till 10:30pm). The prices are very reasonable. A 4 course menu will set you back 47.50 euros. A 5 course menu costs 55 euros and an 8 course menu costs 65 euros.

Restaurant Anna

Warmoesstraat 111, Amsterdam

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Restaurant Moon


If you live in Amsterdam, you’ve probably already heard about the A’dam Toren. It is the big tower next to the EYE film institute in Amsterdam Noord.

Restaurant Moon is located on the 19th floor and has a 360° panorama view of Amsterdam. Chefs Jamie Van Heije and Tommy den Hartog have created a modern menu that will surely make your taste buds happy. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited to taste their menu before it opened to the public.

I arrived a bit early and got a table with my friend Noor from Our first course was The Moon. Steak tartare with red beet, kaffir and a very subtle foie.


Our second course was a scallop ceviche with radish, green apple ice cream and wasabi. A beautiful and well balanced dish.


Then the eel came. Served over a thin layer of vichyssoise, crunchy brioche, avocado and green herbs.


The main course was beef tenderloin with peas and a bitterbal made with rendang. I love trying different versions of the traditional bitterballen and this one was delightful.


Our last course was the guardian angel. Blancmange (a milk pudding) served with yuzu, calamansi and caramel. A refreshing and light dessert.


Overall it was a great experience. It is not every day that you get to enjoy a well thought out menu with a fantastic view of Amsterdam. It is perfect to impress a date, or to just enjoy something different. For dinner, you can choose a set menu of 3 courses (€40), 5 courses (€60) or 8 courses (€80). For lunch, you can choose à a la carte.

Restaurant Moon

A’dam Toren – 19th Floor

Overhoeksplein 3, Amsterdam

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Located at the Rokin, this French-Asian inspired restaurant is open for lunch, street food and drinks. I had been there once before for drinks and assumed that the first floor was the whole restaurant. When we arrived this time, we realized that there is a second floor where you can have dinner. It is a cozy restaurant with many plants, funky art and books decorating its walls.

We started the evening with the lady boy oysters which were one oyster with lychee, mirin & pink ginger, and another one with soy, sesame & spring onion. And for drinks, we asked for one of their signature homemade ice teas with elderflower & mint, and their Blue Goose cocktail with vodka, lavender & lemon. Both drinks were refreshing without being overly sweet or too strong. The oysters were delicious and the one with pink ginger was really the eye catcher.

FullSizeRender (6)

For the first course, we got the fish in a cookie and the surf & turf. The fish cookie were very crunchy fish cakes served with a crème de foie gras. Yum!


The surf & turf was a beef tartare with deep fried baby squid, smoked sriracha mayo and a quail egg. So good! And the sriracha lime mayo was an excellent touch!

FullSizeRender (2)

For the main course, we ordered the pork belly roast and the king boletus. I love pork belly and this one was cooked perfectly. It had a nice caramelization and it was juicy inside. It came with a silky pumpkin cream. The king boletus was a vegetarian dish with mushrooms, tofu beignets, parsnip, Romanesco, black garlic and ginger foam. It was a wonderful blend of flavors and textures.

FullSizeRender (1)

Unable to decide on the desserts, we ordered three. I know piggy us! We got a raspberry mousse which was the special of the week.

FullSizeRender (4)

We also got the go bananas and roasted pineapple. A slice of banana cake with banana ice cream, chocolate truffle and cacao beans.

FullSizeRender (3)

And the roasted pineapple came with vanilla ice cream, sticky rice and salted caramel.

FullSizeRender (5)

We left the plates pretty clean.

If you like Asian-French fusion, this is worth checking out. We left with very happy bellies!



Rokin 103, Amsterdam

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