The White Room (NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky)

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Located at the newly relaunched Hotel Krasnapolsky, The White Room is led by 3 Michelin star chef Jacob Jan Boerma. The menu is based on his personal preference towards the use of spices and acidic tones. The team that carries out his vision is composed by chef de cuisine Arture Dalhuize, maître Richard Eerhardt and sommelier Isabel van Bueren. The room where this restaurant is located is registered as a monument and it is considered one of the oldest restaurants in Amsterdam. The name comes from the “Witte Zaal”, the original name of the restaurant when it first opened its doors in 1885.

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We started the evening with a lightly smoked macaron, structures of cucumber, salmon and a cream with herbs, and a tomato bonbon with spicy merengue. A little explosion of flavors in the mouth.


Then we had the yogurt with beet and basil. The very airy and tangy yogurt complemented very well the sweetness of the beet.

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It was followed by the mackerel with herbs, yogurt and sea buckthorn. A light and elegant dish. I could have gone for seconds.

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The fish course was the trout with chlorophyll, crispy potato, green mustard and young garlic. A succulent piece of trout with julienned green apple and petit brunoised potato, which added a nice combination of textures to the dish.

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The meat course consisted of beef with ponzu and black garlic. The beef was very tender and flavorsome.

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Finally a dessert made out of lemon with aloe vera and buttermilk. A refreshing dessert with just enough amount of sweetness.


Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. Each dish was well-executed and beautifully presented. The service was outstanding.

The White Room (NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky)

Dam 9, Amsterdam

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