A Magical Weekend in Western Germany (Burg Eltz, Cochem, Schloss Drachenburg & Monschau)

I had read that fall was a beautiful time to visit the castles in Germany, so I was really looking forward to this season just for that. We rented a car for only two days to drive to there. The weather on Saturday was not ideal as it started raining quite hard by the time we arrived in Germany. Our first stop was Eltz Castle, about 4 hours from Amsterdam. Since the weather was dreadful, we parked the car and got in the shuttle bus (2 euros per person, per ride). In about 2 minutes, we arrived at the castle. It was really magical to see it tucked away in the forest.

After that we drove to Cochem. The ride took us about 35 minutes. This is a very pretty town along the Mosel River. We drove up a very steep and narrow road to get to the castle. Mosel is one of Germany’s wine region and this castle was surrounded by vineyards. We were planning on exploring a bit more here but the weather got worse so we decided to drive to Bonn and have dinner there, since we were going to spend the night there anyways.

The next morning we drove to the Dragon Castle (Schloss Drachenburg). The ride was around 30 minutes. On our drive, we caught a glimpse of the silhouette of the castle in the mountains.

There is parking lot close by where you can leave your car and then you have to walk up the forest for about 10 minutes to get to the castle. Tip: We got there 1 hour before the castle opened and we found a few parking spots a lot closer to the castle. Instead of parking your car at the parking lot, follow the road to the forest (it’s at the end of the parking lot). Following the path that leads to the castle, there were a few cafes and also a couple of parking spaces. So if you don’t want to walk, be there early. Otherwise you can also take a tram. On this day we were lucky with the weather as it was dry and very sunny. It costs 7 euros to go to the castle premises. This one really looked like it came out of an animated Disney movie and it has a beautiful view of the Rhine river.

Once we were done exploring there, we hopped into the car and drove to Monschau which was just 1 ½ hours away. Monschau is a town close to the Belgian border, sort of in the way back home for us. That’s why we left it for last. We were not sure if we would have time to stop there, but we are so happy we did. It is such a picturesque place with half-timbered houses and narrow streets. We only stayed there for a few hours but that was enough time to explore its medieval center. We really enjoyed this mini road trip and can’t wait to return to Germany and explore more.

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