Cozy mornings with Eve Sleep

Pieter & I have been testing the Eve pocket spring mattress since the Christmas holidays and we both love it. The mattress has great suspension and support without being too firm. We have been sleeping like babies since we got it. This mattress has layers of wool, silk, cotton and polyester, which are tied together to keep the springs in place. One of the things we noticed is that it does keep us warmer. Our bedroom is the coldest room in the house because we have large windows, and this mattress maintains the heat much better, making it a cozier sleep.

They deliver the mattress to your bedroom which I think it is great. It comes packed in two layers of plastic which might seem irrelevant, but the outer layer comes with some dust due to transportation. Once it arrives, they take that first layer of plastic off, leaving the other layer which is clean. So while it is being moved to your bedroom, the dirt is not being dragged into your house.

You can check out the Eve website here.

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