Boretti Valentine’s Lunch


Last Friday I was invited to a Valentine’s day lunch at the Boretti showroom. I was very excited to go considering my kitchen is practically my office. And since we recently bought an apartment here in Amsterdam but we won’t receive it till June, we are busy looking and planning how we are going to remodel it and fill it up. As it was for Valentine’s, I could bring my husband. We arrived at the showroom which was not far from Amsterdam and I immediately felt like a kid in a candy shop. While I was going gaga over the kitchen stoves, ovens and fridges; my hubby was going gaga over the BBQs.

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The lunch was divided into two groups, one group helped make the appetizers while the other was given a tour of the showroom. We were the first group to be given the tour. Boretti is known for their kitchen stoves which come in a gorgeous range of colors and styles. Lately their BBQs have become quite popular. They are big, American style BBQs. One even comes with a mini fridge. A dream for anyone who likes to cook outdoors. They also make coffee machines, induction cooktops which are getting more popular nowadays and wine coolers. They also produce the M-system line which is more affordable and is produced in the same factory. After buying a Boretti product you can visit this showroom where they can provide you with extra information or instructions on how to use and take care of your product.

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After the tour was done, it was our turn to help prepare the next course. Chef Ben Van Beurten made some delicious pasta and salmon. He was telling us how his preference for cooking goes to the induction cooktops because it’s faster to cook with them and it’s easier to control the heat. After we ate, we learned a bit about latte art. This is something we were very excited about since we’ve been trying it at home with no luck. We actually made hearts and we were quite proud of ourselves. At home however is another story, we just need to practice more.



De Dollard 17, Watergang

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