Restaurant Rouhi – House of Rituals

House of Rituals is the new flagship store of Rituals Cosmetics. It is located at Spui 10 (where the Sprit store used to be). They have their own restaurant called Rouhi. The menu is inspired by Asia. An east meets west experience. 

The restaurant was supposed to open this week but due to the new Covid19 regulations, they were not able to. In the meantime, they have created two take-away menus. One has meat and the other one is vegetarian. They also offer a wine box pairing to go along with the menu. We went for the vegetarian menu and also got one sparkling tea bottle which the bartender recommended. We went for the one called Grøn that has 5% alcohol but they also have one with 0% (Blå). 

The vegetarian menu consists of wonton crisps with wakame mayonnaise, a daikon salad with ponzu, miso eggplant yakitori, crispy cauliflower with sesame and truffle, a pear tart with miso and cream fraiche, tea and friandises. 

The menu comes with a candle and a QR code to play music to set up the mood. 

The whole meal was filled with delicate flavours and a nice combination of textures. We enjoyed all the dishes. If you get a chance, also try the sparkling tea. 

Restaurant Rouhi

Spui 10, Amsterdam

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