Wijmpje Beukers

Last week, we went to have dinner at Wijmpje Beukers. A foodie friend of mine had been talking so much about this place, that I decided to give it a try. Nestled in the middle of De Pijp, this cozy restaurant changes its menu weekly (They always offer two vegetarian/vegan options). Their menu has Asian/European influences, and they make everything themselves using local and seasonal produce.

I got a chance to meet the owners Maarten and Jordy, since they work at the restaurant. They are such nice guys, and you can really tell that hospitality runs in their veins. They immediately make you feel welcome. Since it was such a nice day, we sat in the terrace.

We started the evening with a crab, pickled watermelon and crayfish dish with sesame and wasabi. And the smoked duck breast with hoisin and figs. Both were really good. For the main course, we had the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with hasselback potato, stroganoff and mashed potatoes. This was a dish from Jordy’s childhood. The pork was juicy and the whole dish just screamed comfort food. We also had the hake with sweet potato puree, carrots, harissa and puffed quinoa. The fish was perfectly cooked and the whole combination of flavors was delightful.

We were there very early and by the time we left, the place was already quite busy and it was a Wednesday. Definitely a place to add to your list if you haven’t already been there. The food is great and so it’s the ambiance. And the menu is very well priced.

Wijmpje Beukers

Karel du Jardinstraat 47
1073TB Amsterdam

Restaurant Arles

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Last Saturday we tried out Arles for dinner. A new néo-bistrot very close to the Albert Cuyp market. The kitchen is run by French chef Numa Muller who was born in Arles, hence the name of the restaurant. I have a love from French cuisine, so I was very excited to pay them a visit. It is a charming restaurant, which is bigger than it appears when you see it from the street. It has a closed patio in the back and an open part covered in grape vines.

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Their menu consists of what the market has to offer. We went for the 3 course menu. We started with a dish with leeks, beets, Dijon and a 62 degree eggs. A super simple but delicious dish. We couldn’t help dipping some bread into the runny yolk.

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The second starter was the mackerel with cauliflower, lemon and olive oil. Very light and fresh.

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Our mains were the cod with salsify, coffee and almond. It was a lovely combination of flavors.

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And the chuck steak in red wine served with roasted and pickled carrots. No need for a knife to cut the beef. It was very tender and you could just tear it off with your fork.

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For dessert, we went for the chocolate with mint, hazelnut and olives. You would think the olives would have been a bit weird but it worked. And we also chose the lemon cream with strawberries and basil. A delicious palate cleanser and great ending of our meal.

You can’t really beat their 3 course menu for 34 euros. It is quite a bargain, especially if you think of Amsterdam prices. A little French gem in De Pijp.

Restaurant Arles

Govert Flinckstraat 251, Amsterdam

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SNCKBR – Healthy Snack Bar

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SNCKBR is a new healthy and cozy hotspot in De Pijp. Traditional Snackbars here are known for serving a lot of fried items like croquettes and fries. Something I don’t mind at all, but it limits how often I visit them. SNCKBR on the other hand, offers a very extensive menu with healthier alternatives. And it’s open from breakfast till late at night and yes, you can go have drinks there too. They make everything with sustainable ingredients. You can still get your guilty pleasures but in a healthier way, think spelt bread instead of white, baked instead of fried. With people being more aware of what they put into their bodies, this place makes complete sense.

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I went to their opening for breakfast. I really liked their chia pudding with avocado & chocolate mousse and their spirulina granola. I also tried some of their fruit/vegetables juices and I loved the one with beets. I love to eat beets but in juice, I always find them too strong and this one had a really nice balance and was not too sweet.

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I came back the next day late in the afternoon with my husband. We shared the poached egg with hollandaise and marinated salmon; and their Frikandelicious. Their healthier version of the typical Frikandel (which is usually fried and made with mystery meat), this one is 100% organic and low in fat. It’s baked and made with chicken, sweet potato, oatmeal and homemade skinny mayo and ketchup.

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Van Woustraat 34-36, Amsterdam