Le Clair

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Last week I went to the official opening of Le Clair, an éclair café located at the Ijpassage in Amsterdam central station. Robert Kranenborg advised on the concept which is now lead by pastry chefs Tjade Klaver (Bord’eau) and Tarik Azaujan (Dutch Home Made).


The eclairs are made on a daily basis and the flavors will vary depending on the seasons. Right now they have flavors like coffee & salted caramel, lemon meringue, mango & passion fruit and red fruit & yogurt. They also offer savory versions like with smoked salmon, Caesar salad, hot dog and croquet monsieur.

FullSizeRender (1)A great addition to Central station if you want to stop by for some treats, or if you are on your way to visit someone and would like to treat them. I mean who wouldn’t want to receive a box of beautiful and delicious pastries? They also make custom made eclairs for especial occasions. And if you are not planning on going to Central station, you can now order them through Fodora and get them delivered.

Le Clair

Ijpassage, Amsterdam Central Station


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