PetCube Bites

This past year we have been travelling more and every time we go on a trip, I miss our cats. I heard of PetCube from my Instagram friend Kati who also has cats. Last year I saw it on her Instagram stories. And when she was visiting Amsterdam, I asked her about it and she was really happy with it.

PetCube is a device with a camera that allows you to see and talk to your furry baby when you are not home. How awesome is that? They have two products to choose from. One has a laser which allows you to play with your dog or cat. The one I have is PetCube Bites, which allows you to throw treats. It has a setting where you can choose the distance. You can either throw the treat close by, mid-range or far. The treats that our cats like are quite small. Every time we give them a treat though this device, it throws around 4. That is something to keep in mind so you are not over-feeding your pet.

The PetCube Bites is very easy to set up. We just hanged it to the wall, plugged it in and connected it to our Wi-Fi. We downloaded the app in our phones and we were ready to go. We installed it and tried it out while we were in the house, to see how our cats reacted. Nip was the most excited as he is very food driven. A few days later we went to the Bahamas and NYC. And we were so happy that we could see them, talk to them and give them treats at any time that we wanted.

It also has night vision, so when it was dark all we could see were their eyes flickering. The short video at the beginning of this post is from the PetCube camera. On the first clip with the bone, you can see that I am throwing treats. The second clip is Nip reacting to us talking to him and the last clip is at night. During our trip, we would just check the app every time we had wifi and see what they were up to. Even though I know they are very well taken care of when we travel, what this little machine does is priceless to me. Seeing them in real time no matter where I am is just incredible.

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