48 hours in Singapore

We were in Singapore for a very short time but we made the best out of it. It is definitely worth a visit. It is super clean, very modern and the food was great. Although it is quite expensive, you can have very good meals at hawker centers for about €5. 

How we moved around:

We had planned to purchase a tourist public transport card but when we asked for it at one of the metro stations we were told they didn’t sell it at that particular one. But they told us that we could also pay for each ride using our credit cards. Just blip your credit card when you go in and out of public transport. Keep in mind that you need one credit card per person. This was very handy for us. But we ended up grabbing cabs more often than public transport to save time. You can hail cabs from the streets, and shopping malls have a designated area for them. But we also downloaded the grab app which is the Asian version of Uber, but you do need to have internet for it. One thing to remember is that you cannot always pay the cab by card, so it is handy to always have enough cash with you. 

Where we stayed:

We stayed at Hotel G. We paid around €100 per night. The hotel had a great location. The room was very small but it was clean. And since we were only going to sleep there, it worked great for us. The only thing I would advise if you decide to book with them is to avoid their breakfast. Ours was already included in the price so we decided to try it out, but the food didn’t look appealing at all so we left without eating. Good thing is, there is plenty of options close to it.

Where we ate:

We had the famous kaya toast breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast which was around the corner of our hotel and at Toast Box, which was just across the street. And there are also plenty of 7 eleven stores around.

If you like brown sugar boba, I recommend you try HeyTea. We went to the one located at Ion Orchard mall. There was quite a line for it but it was definitely worth the wait. We came back a second time to get our boba fix. The food at hawker centers and mall food courts is known to be good in Singapore, so give it a try. While we were at Ion Orchard mall, we also had lunch at the food court. If you are there, also try the soursop juice and sugar cane juice. 

We went to Long Beach UDMC seafood restaurant to try their famous chili and black pepper crab. They are known for having a spicier version of the chili crab which is why we came here. My favorite of the two was the black pepper crab. You pay market price per crab, ours came to about €52 per crab. It was not a cheap meal but it was delicious.

Where we took pictures:

We didn’t make it to Gardens by the Bay because of time but we did visit the colorful Peranakan houses and the Spiral staircase at Fort Canning. If you visit Fort Canning, be prepared to wait in line for a picture at the staircase. It was not very busy for us since we went early in the morning, but we still had to wait about 20 minutes to take a shot. 

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