Amsterdam Grocery and Market Guide

When I moved to Amsterdam (from Lima, Peru), it took me some time to gather my favorite places where to do groceries and find certain ingredients. Pieter is Dutch but it was his first time living in Amsterdam, so this city was new for the both of us. Since I often get emails and messages from you guys asking me where to buy certain ingredients, I thought it would be nice to write an Amsterdam grocery and market guide.


Even though the product range in supermarkets has improved a lot since I moved here. I often still need to visit several places before I can complete my shopping list. If you are new in Amsterdam, keep in mind that not every supermarket chain will have the same products. If you live in the city center, you will probably find very small Albert Heijns (one of the main supermarket chains in the Netherlands). And of course since they have limited space, they also tend to only have the basics. The AH at the Dam and the AH XL (There is one in Osdorp and one in Gelderlandplein) are the ones that have the most variety of products. The AH XL (at least the one in Osdorpplein) has free parking. We don’t own a car so once a month we order though to get our groceries delivered. They deliver to your kitchen which is great if you live on a higher floor. This is by no means an advertisement for AH but since we don’t own a car, it is very convenient for us to order online. We’ve been ordering from them for years. We only order once a month to get non-perishables and bulky (or heavy) stuff like toilet paper, cleaning materials, rice, pasta, drinks, etc. Doing big groceries on a bike is not fun.

All that being said, AH is not the cheapest. I just find it the most convenient as you find AH everywhere. Dirk (Dirk van den Broek) and Lidl  are cheaper.

Jumbo is another big brand of supermarkets here. They have a very large variety of vegetarian and vegan food (More than the AH). I also find their snack section better.

If you like to buy organic, Eko plaza is a good place. I like it because there you can find Kombucha, and a big variety of grains and seeds. This is where I like to buy black rice, different types of quinoa, superfoods and unsweetened puffed rice among other things. Another supermarket that I also like is Marqt. I buy there my burrata. They also have a good selection of spices, seafood, especially drinks and cheeses.

Crisp is an online supermarket which I also love. They are not very old, so the amount of products they offer is still limited. They are adding more and more as time goes by. They only sell food and it is of great quality. A good amount of their offering is organic. They offer next day delivery which is great and most of their packaging is sustainable.

Farmer’s Markets:

Noordermarkt (Saturday) is my favorite Farmer’s market. You can buy there edible flowers, herbs that you usually don’t find at regular markets, plants, a lot of cheeses and oysters that are chucked in front of you. There is a mushroom stand with a lot of variety. You can also get a mushroom omelet there.

Niewmarkt Farmer’s market (Saturday) and the Zuidermrkt (Saturday) are quite small but also worth a visit, especially if you are or live in the area. The first one is located in Chinatown and the latter in Zuid.


The most popular market here is the Albert Cuypmarkt (Monday- Saturday). It gets a lot of tourists so it is not the cheapest. But I love it because it has a lot of variety, also with ready to eat food stands. I love getting a freshly made stroopwafel, my favorite are the ones from the Original Stroopwafels stand. You can also get fresh juices for 1 euro. I also like buying my flowers here. De Versmarkt is a fruit & vegetable stand at this market that I really like because it has a very large variety of produce, some of which are hard to find. Some of the things you can find here are (depending on the season of course) purple potatoes, Padrón peppers, edible flowers, yellow raspberries and a variety of heirloom tomatoes.

The Ten Katemarkt (Monday- Saturday) is another market worth visiting. It is cheaper than the Albert Cuypmarkt. There is a famous vegetable stand at the beginning where you can buy a lot of vegetables and herbs for about 50 cents per package. At the end of the market, you will find a truck called Gouden Tent. Their hummus is delicious and they have a large variety of flavors. Besides their regular one, I like the one with mango. They also sell really nice falafel wraps. If falafel or hummus is not your thing, you can also buy lumpias for 1.20 euros or a portion of poffertjes (small yeasted pancakes) for about 2 euros.

The Lindengracht market is another nice market to visit. It is located in the Jordaan area. It is only open on Saturdays.

The Dappermarkt (Monday – Saturday), located at the Dapperstraat 279, is another big market in Amsterdam and it’s it also quite cheap.


If you follow my Instagram stories, you probably already know this one since I visit it often. Le Fournil de Sébastien is an artisanal French bakery located at Olympiaplein. They have the best baguettes in Amsterdam, the most flakey croissants and delicious canelés. If you don’t live in the area, you can buy their baguettes and freeze them. And when you want to eat one, just bake it for about 10 minutes at 180C/350F. If. you want to skip the long line (especially on the weekends), place your order online. You need to to this a few days in advance. Check out my video here.

Levain et le vin is a sourdough bakery & natural wine shop at the Jan Pieter Heijestraat (the street that crosses Kinkerstraat & Overtoom). I bought the olive & crème fraîche focaccia and a small loaf to take home. I couldn’t wait and ate the focaccia on the street. It was deliciously crunchy, chewy & juicy (in a good way) from the olive oil. Their menu is expanding so keep and eye on their Instagram page for more info. The shop also has a few tables, so you can also eat/drink there. If you like burrata, they also serve it with their focaccia. They serve coffee as well.

Ulmus bakery is another sourdough bakery. For now, you have to order through their website and pick up is on Wednesdays and Saturdays at their bakery in De Baarsjes. If you sign up to their mailing list, you’ll get an email when their menu for the week is live. When they have specials like Cruffins, they sell out fast. So I suggest signing up. You can check out the video I made from my order here.

Boulangerie Noé is an organic bakery. they have 3 locations in Amsterdam. You can see the video I made from the one at the Vijzelgracht here.

Flo’s Appetizing sells New York style bagels. They also have vegan schmears and toppings. You can see their shop here.

Specialty stores:

Fromagerie L’Amuse is a great cheese shop. It’s next to Bakery Le Fournil in Olympiaplein.

Sterk is a specialty drink store and mini supermarket. If you want a specific beer or drink (also non-alcoholic), they will likely have it. They also have a large variety of snacks from around the world. This is where I get Tim Tams and Smartfood’s white cheddar popcorn. They also sell local honey from different neighbourhoods in Amsterdam.

For your taste only (wineshop)

I’ve become a big fan of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea. It has a low percentage of alcohol 5%, but they also have non-alcoholic versions. I love champagne, but for me it’s a hit or miss, because sometimes it gives me headaches. And I drink very moderately. So we started buying this sparkling tea for special occasions like New Year’s and birthdays. It’s been great for our palates and no headaches for me. My favourite is the Grøn (5%). It’s not that main stream yet. You can find it online, but For your Taste Only has all the flavours in store.

G’ in West is a gluten free store and cafe. They have a large variety of gluten free goods, including frozen and freshly baked bread.

Willicroft is a plan’t based cheese store located at Spiegelgracht. They have their own brand of plant-based cheeses and products like fondue but they also sell plan’t based cheeses from other brands and restaurants. My favourite is the Leek Ash from Restaurant Yerba. They also have a webshop. You can see my short video here

The little Plant Pantry is a plant based minimal waste store. Most of their products are sold in bulk, so you can choose how much you want  and place it in glass containers. They also sell a nice variety of vegan cheeses.

Tokos (Indonesian for shops) are stores in the Netherlands which sell mainly Asian food products. In these stores is where I buy my noodles, green papaya, daikon, Thai basil, kimchi, frozen dumplings, miso, matcha, frozen water chestnuts, plantain chips and sauces. But they also sell things like dulce de leche and Milo. This is also where I buy baking soda. When I first moved here, it wasn’t sold in supermarkets. And still now, not every supermarket has it.

My favorites are the Honk Kong Superstore (because it has a lot and is the closest to my house), located in the Kinkerstraat and Dun Yong (because it is big, which means a larger product range). The plus size of Dun Yong, is that it sells tableware and kitchen supplies in the basement and on the 3rd floor, it has a small restaurant called Taka Japanese Kitchen. The restaurant is very small and only has one chef (Taka). He serves ramen among a few other bites. If you want to go, check out their Facebook page for their opening times because the kitchen is only open untill he sells out. The first two times we went there, he didn’t have any food left anymore. Our third time was the charmed one when we arrived when he just opened. Don Yong is located in Zeedijk (Amsterdam’s Chinatown). You can get a mini tour here.

There are also other smaller Asian shops there but another big one is Amazing Oriental located in Niewmarkt 27. They also have a webshop.

Another Toko that I really like it Tijn’s. It is located on Eerste van der Helststraat, a side street of the Albert Cuyp market. Besides your usual Asian products; they sell Peruvian, Mexican and American products. I buy my Peruvian chili pastes there, Cholula and Valentina sauces. They also sell corn tortillas, tomatillos and American seasonings among other things. They also have a webshop.

Shilla  is a Japanese & Korean food market located at Gelderlandplein. They have a large stock of ingredients and they also sell ready to eat food. Their Onigiri is delicious. Wrapped in a way so that the seaweed stays crunchy, like in Japan. I love the Buta Kimchi one, it has stir-fried kimchi and pork. You can see a mini tour here.

Appetito is an Italian food store. It used to be wholesale but now it is open to everyone. It’s great to buy different kinds of pasta that you don’t find in a regular supermarket. They have a good selection of different types of flour, cookies, etc. They also have a gluten free section. It is located next to the Gamma close to the Westergasfabriek. They also have a webshop. You can get a mini tour by clicking here.

Klein de Grocer is a vegetarian mini grocery shop at Haarlemmerdijk. They also have a nice selection of snacks. They also deliver. You can get an impression of their store through my video here.

De Volkskruiden is an herb and spice shop located on the Kinkerstraat 142. They also sell pulses, Lebanese bread, preserved lemon, different kinds of couscous and tea, nuts, etc.

At the end of the Kindkerstaat (355), you will find Finalmente Brazil. Like the name implies, it is a Brazilian store. I love it because they sell exotic fruit pulp like Acai, passion fruit and guanabana (soursop).

Mini Mix Amsterdam is an Eastern European shop in De Baarsjes. I discovered it while I was searching for frozen pierogis for work. It’s a small store but it has a very large variety of products. You can get a mini tour by clicking here.

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