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The picture above is from the s’mores I made today. It was my first time making them and eating them. They are such a delicious treat. For the graham crackers I used the Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and I used Lindt’s cranberry intense dark chocolate bar with almonds.

Here are the links of the week:

  1. A tour of Pastry Chef David Lebovitz’s Home kitchen in Paris.
  2. Around the world in 12 noodle dishes. Yes, please!
  3. 6 charts to make kitchen conversions easy. Always handy!
  4. This affogato dessert bar is such a great idea!
  5. This goat cheese pumpkin pie looks beautiful!
  6. 9 coffee Instagram accounts to follow.
  7. 6 weird things my cat does in the kitchen explained by my cat.
  8. How to make this ultimate vegan thanksgiving dish.
  9. What to do with potato peels.

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