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I can’t get enough of wild peaches. I’ve been eating them everyday, before the season is over. The picture above was my breakfast. Greek yogurt blended with some vanilla bean & a bit of honey. Topped with fresh passion fruit, wild peaches caramelized in elderflower cordial & a few fresh thyme leaves.

Here are the links of the week:

1. These wallpaper cakes are insanely beautiful!

2. This nut butter spread looks so delicious!

3. I want to try this ice cream cone!

4. These trash cans turned into WiFi hotspots are quite cool.

5. This tomatillo jam and yogurt dip looks so good.

6. Weird food sayings around the world and what they mean in English.

7. DIY grapufruit bitters.

8. A more adult version of Rice Krispie treats with potato chips, pretzels and stout.

9. This fried chicken and pimento cheese sandwich made me very hungry!

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