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Lima has become the gastronomic capital of Latin America. Now people are not only going to Peru for Machu Picchu, but also to eat. And so am I, besides seeing my family of course. Before every trip, I make a list of dishes I want to eat and restaurants I want to visit. We go on a diet before going there, because we usually come back around 3 kilos heavier.

I’ve being wanting to write a post on this restaurant for a while now. I went there in March this year. The chef Ivan Kisic, passed away in a car accident before the restaurant was even finished. His family took over and finished his dream. It quickly gained a great reputation in the Peruvian food scene.


The restaurant is beautiful; the dining area is supposed to resemble the inside of a wooden crate. Each table has a different organic pattern projected from above. The staff is very attentive and the food is amazing.



Their concept is sustainable Peruvian signature cuisine. They also have very nice cocktails. I tried the hot/cold Pisco sour, a nice twist on the national cocktail.



I also tried the suckling pig, guinea pig three ways, the velo de cherimoya, the trout with native potatoes, duck with quinoa and their signature dessert the Bombon Roto, a dessert with Pisco foam, lemon cream, Peruvian chocolate and rocoto (chili) sheet.







I don’t know if they still have the same dishes or if the menu has completely changed, but if you are ever in Lima, give this restaurant a try. Your stomach will thank you!

IK Restaurante
Elías Aguirre 179, Miraflores.
Reservations: +(51) 652 1692


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  • November 11, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    Vale la pena ir, todo deli.


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